We offer a variety of carts to ensure we can assist all of our customers. Lets look at some options.

2 Passenger – Your typical golf cart. Holds two passengers and can carry small items or golf bags on the back.

4 Passenger – These carts have a rear facing seat on the back to carry 4 passengers. The rear seat can also be flipped down to make a small flat bed to carry items.

6 Passenger – You guessed it! This cart can carry 6 passengers.

Flatbed – These carts can carry 2-4 passengers depending on the design. They are longer, heavier duty, and can hold more weight. Flatbeds are ideal for moving larger amounts of an item, heavier loads, and awkward sized items. Typical uses include transporting inventory, trash, equipment, etc.

Utility – The Utility cart is a 2 passenger cart with a square open top box on the back. They come in a variety of configurations from just the box to electric dump beds. They vary between light duty and heavy duty applications. These carts are used for a variety of things to include maintenance workers, Janitors, carry loose items, and much more.