This depends on your personal preference, how you plan to use the cart, and where you plan to use it. Below are some key things to keep in mind:

Refueling vs Charging:

Gas carts come with a full tank of fuel when delivered. You are responsible for the cost of and adding any additional fuel you may need during the rental period. The good news is we don’t require it to be returned with a full tank!

Electric carts come with a full charge when delivered. You are responsible for the cost of electricity to charge the cart. We do not require the cart to be fully charged when returned. This is obviously a much easier and cleaner process than gas.


Electric carts are usually acceptable for many applications such as resorts, RV parks, golfing, events and most other light-medium use activities.
You wouldn’t want to run a gas engine inside an enclosed building such as an event center, barn, or warehouse. Electric carts would be needed in these instances.

Some outdoor locations have very steep and long inclines that may be too much for an electric cart. In these cases a gas cart may be better, especially if there is multiple passengers or heavy items on the cart.

Some communities, resorts, and facilities only allow electric carts to be driven or have restrictions on when or where gas carts can be driven. Check with the location to clarify any requirements they may have. If we have to swap at your cart after delivery for this reason; you will be responsible for the additional delivery fee and any differences in rental rates.

Use of cart:

For personal use an electric will almost always meet your light-medium duty needs except as explained in other parts of this FAQ.
If the cart will be driven around all day long such as in a parking lot to shuttle people to the main entrance, it may be easier to use a gas cart. Gas cars can go much further on a tank of gas as compared to a single charge. A gas cart can also be filled up if it runs out of fuel and keep going. An electric cart would need to plugged in and charged before being used again.

Gas carts can haul more people and weight than an electric cart. Electric carts will run out of battery much faster with heavier loads.


It is cheaper to rent electric carts. Electric carts do not cost as much to maintain as their gas counterparts.

Gas carts cost more to rent due to the higher maintenance costs. This includes the additional moving parts that wear out, oil changes, fuel, and more time spent servicing them.